Welcome to RumIsles

A Play-2-Earn Universe With Passive Income

RumIsles is a first-of-its-kind (BSC) token that combines aspects from passive income reward tokens into an NFT and a Metaverse world. With an emphasis on calculated sustainability and rewarding isles holders, RumIsles is poised to usher each investor into the Metaverse with a token that promotes transparency every step of the way. Purchase and own Metaverse isles, generate $RUM, and earn $$$

Project & Ecosystem

$RUM is a token created from combining a play-2-earn NFT Metaverse and annuity on the BSC Smartchain. Gain passive income by purchasing isles that utilizes advanced formulated sustainability protocol.

Rum Stash Isle

Claim ownership of limited-edition isles and earn passive income with the supplied $RUM stash while Simultaneously being a landowner in the upcoming RumIsles Metaverse

NFT $RUM Replenishment

purchase NFTs and produce $RUM to replenish your Isle’s Stash to boost passive income earnings

RumIsles Metaverse

Enter the world of RumIsles Metaverse with Play-2-earn adventures.  With both 2D and 3D games to be enjoyed by everyone, RumIsles Metaverse will be a unique world filled with Treasure, Pirates, Ships, Isles, and most importantly….. RUM

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How To Buy Isles?

Step 1: Buy $RUM

Step 2: Launch the Dapp

Step 3: Select Desired Isle In Exchange For Your Tokens


NFTs Coming Soon.....


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4



5% Maintenance

5% Rewards

5% Treasury



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